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WHAT THE STUDENTS SAYDarcy Golden, Spanish Teacher and Leader of Teen Group from the USA

This is my 4th year in Barbara's school program of summer studies here in Santander. I am here with a group of 49 students. Every year Barbara hires excellent teachers, plans the curriculum, plans our daily itinerary, sets up family housing, prepares folders of material to study and co-ordinates every aspect of the program for our large group. She does a perfect job every time.

I have been travelling with students for many years and have never met a school director who was more accommodating, helpful, sincere, ethical, and efficient than Barbara. From our first correspondence she was articulate, concerned, kind, and extremely willing to please. From the first day that our students arrived at Santander Euro-Centre, things went extremely smoothly. She was helpful beyond words. Barbara planned a wonderful itinerary and daily activities for the students. The teachers she hired to teach my large group were highly qualified, dedicated, well-prepared and treated my students wonderfully. The housing situation went very well with the families. If there was a slight problem, Barbara was on the telephone calling the families within minutes to remedy the situation. She treated my students with respect and was very caring to them. They loved her. They felt very comfortable and secure knowing that she was there to help with everything. She was extremely generous and totally flexible. She always had a smile on her face. I felt as if I were in Santander with a dear friend. The school itself was conveniently located and cheerful. The classrooms were decorated, modern, clean and very pleasant.

Santander is a beautiful, safe, cosmopolitan city on the sea. It has so much to offer the traveler. It is not crowded and has wonderful shops, places of historical interest and delicious cuisine. The people of the city are friendly, the hotels lovely and the beaches and sea are fabulous. Of my 15 trips to Spain, I can say that Santander is my all around favourite city. My family and I cannot wait to return next summer with a new group of excited students.

Barbara Carroll is a perfect ambassador to this enchanting city. Her school is professional, academically outstanding and has an excellent reputation in the United States. From the moment we left Santander, we knew we wanted to go back soon. One could not find a more gracious, charming, conscientious, positive thinking, delightful person than Barbara to do business with.

I whole heartedly recommend Santander Euro-Centre to anyone wishing a quality education. Please feel free to contact me if I can offer any further insight into your selection.

Darcy Golden
Medill Bair High School Pennsylvania


Comments from Students who have attended our Intensive Language Course

Ginter Vurlicer, Engineeer

I loved the total saturation in Spanish Language and culture. Had an articulate and knowledgeable instructor. There were lots of open possibilities for interactions with Spanish speakers. Enjoyed planned excursions, especially with bi-lingual guides Excellent suggestions and assistance for side trips on weekends by school administrator. Ginter Vurlicer, 3920 Lakeshore Drive, Port Aarthur, TX 77642-3258

Maureen Vurlicer, English Teacher

I enjoyed meeting our teacher Rosa and Barbara the school administrator, living with our host mother Charo, and learning the subjunctive. Rosa is a very patient teacher. Now I feel I will be able to speak a little more and write much better notes to the parents of my Hispanic students who do not speak English. I was very pleased with the amiability of the teachers at SEC and with the personal attention that Barbara gave us regarding restaurants and places to visit. Charo, our host mother, is an excellent cook and a very entertaining conversationalist. We enjoyed the company very much.

Annette G. Jaffe, Junior Highschool teacher

There really isn't anything we didn't like. We came as a family of five. Two adults and three children. Only one of us was a student. The director of the school, Barbara Carroll, did an excellent job of making us all feel welcome. Not an easy job for a complex situation. Annette G. Jaffe, 682 Carroll St. #1, Brooklyn, NY, 11215, USA.


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